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    Re-registration guidelines for Bhakti Shastri (English)

    The total time duration for the entire Bhakti Shastri (English) course is 24 months (2 years).

    There are a total of 6 modules.

    Each module may be completed in 4 months or less.

    If a student is unable to complete all 6 modules in a given time, then he/she may receive a few extra months (3-4 months) if they are confident of completing the course during that extra time.

    Grades of the students shall be carried forward from the earlier modules.

    If the student has not completed more than 3 modules during the allotted time and wants to continue the course, then he/she may re-register the course by paying half of the fees.

    In this way, he/she shall receive an extra 2 years for completing the course and continue with the same course.

    If the student is inactive for more than 3 years and has not completed any activities, then he/she may start a fresh course.


    Change of Recommending Authority

    If there is a change of recommending authority due to a change of place or because of some other reason, then the student needs to inform us at bhakticourses.bs@iskcon.net after updating the information of the profile in the system.

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