‘ISKCON Disciple Course (English)’ course material

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The course material required for ISKCON Disciple Course is listed below. These are on-demand video sessions that are available 24/7 wherever you are. Learn online at your own pace, whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you. While there are deadlines, you can learn at hours convenient to your schedule. All video sessions are designed specifically for the distance-learning medium and are taught by Bala Govinda Das, an outstanding devotee instructor with many years of classroom teaching. Our video sessions nearly replicate the face-to-face classroom.
For your convenience, all course videos are hosted on YouTube. This will enable you to access on practically any device, including smartphones and tablets. You can even choose the video quality & size depending on your bandwidth speed. You can view the videos even if you have low bandwidth. If you have good bandwidth speed then you can view excellent quality video in full HD (1080i with a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:9, 1920×1080,  2.1 megapixel). Thus, you can watch the videos on big monitors or you can even project the videos on screen using overhead projector. This is especially useful for studying in groups (eg. bhakti vriksha / counsellor meetings).
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We would recommend you to please watch “Your Ever Well Wisher” – video biography of His Divine Grace A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.


This course is divided into four units.1. Introduction, Theory And Context – Lessons 1 to 4 2. Establishing The Relationship With Guru – Lessons 5 to 7 3. Acting In Relationship With The Guru – Lessons 8 to 11 4. Co-operatively Fulfilling The Relationship & Consolidation – Lessons 12 to 14Each unit has a series of online video classes & linked reading material to be studied by the candidate.

• The candidate has to scrutinizing study each video & corresponding reading material from the Student’s Hand Book. • The candidate also has to appear for the following exams:
1. MCQs after each video
2. Short Assignments at regular intervals
Open Book Assessment on completion of all the four units
• The candidate will be considered to have passed the course if he / she gets at least 65% marks. The marks are based individually on –
1. MCQs and Short Assignments
2. Open Book Assessment

If the candidate has scored less than 65%, he / she will be given a second chance.Note: All students are required to keep a print out of the Students Handbook with them for reference while watching the videos.

Question & Answer

Email relevant questions regarding the content of the video to bgd.bhakticourses@gmail.com. Please mention the video number & topic of the video in the title of email.

Course material for the four units of ISKCON Disciple Course

Student's Hand Book

Student’s hand book – download

Note: All students are required to keep a print out of the Students Handbook with them for reference while watching the videos.

1. Introduction, Theory and Context

001. Lesson 01 – Welcome & Introduction (Duration 11:33 min) Video

002. Lesson 02 Part 01: Guru Tattva (Duration 09:33 min) Video

003. Lesson 02 Part 02 – Types of Gurus (Duration 08:20 min) Video

004. Lesson 02 Part 03 – The Parampara System (Duration 06:24 min) Video

005. Lesson 02 Part 04 – Posthumuous Ritvik Theory (Duration 24:39 min) Video

006. Lesson 03 – Srila Prabhupada – ISKCON founder Acharya (Duration 20:29 min) Video

007. Lesson 04 – ISKCON Gurus (Duration 25:19 min) Video

2. Establishing the Relationship with Guru

008. Lesson 05 – Guru Padashraya (Duration 12:43 min) Video

009. Lesson 06 – Selecting Guru (Duration 16:42 min) Video

010. Lesson 07 – Initiation Vows (Duration 17:15 min) Video

3. Acting in Relationship with the Guru

011. Lesson 08 – Guru Puja (Duration 11:44 min) Video

012. Lesson 09 – Guru-seva (Duration 15:03 min) Video

013. Lesson 10 – Guru Vapuh and Vani-Seva (Duration 19:06 min) Video

014. Lesson 11 – Guru Tyaga (Rejection of the spiritual master) (Duration 20:09 min) Video

4. Co-operatively Fulfilling the Relationship & Consolidation

015. Lesson 12 – Presenting one’s Guru (Duration 11:31 min) Video

016. Lesson 13 – Relationships within ISKCON (Duration 06:14 min) Video

017 Lesson 14 – Conclusion (Duration 04:31 min) Video

Post-course material

The founder acharya of ISKCON – GBC foundational document

Seven Purposes of ISKCON

On keeping vows by His Holiness Sivarama Swami

Siksa Outside ISKCON by Sivarama Swami

Siksa-guru by Sivarama Swami