Fascinating Mahabharata Characters‘ course Details


The “Fascinating Mahabharata Characters” course covers systematically the biographies of sixteen important Mahabharata characters. Drawing insights from the broad Vedic wisdom-tradition, the course explains their qualities, resolves controversies and demonstrates the perennial relevance of this timeless classic. This on-demand online course provides the flexibility of studying at your own convenience without causing any disruption of home and work life. You progress at your own rate, taking one character at a time so that it suits your schedule.

Anyone interested in knowing more about the Mahabharata and the contemporary relevance of the Indian wisdom-tradition

Course Teacher:
His Grace Chaitanya Charan Das – View Profile.

Nine months from registration.

Course fees:
One time payment of Rs.1000 or $20 for the entire course

This course is divided into sixteen modules as follow. You take one module at a time starting from the first module.

01. Bhishma
02. Drona
03. Vidura
04. Dhritarashtra
05. Kunti
06. Yudhisthira
07. Bhima
08. Arjuna
09. Nakula
10. Sahadeva
11. Duryodhana
12. Karna
13. Draupadi
14. Ashwatthama
15. Ghatothkacha
16. Abhimanyu
Each module has a set of links for YouTube video classes. Also, below each YouTube video there is an area to post your comment. Every time you watch a video, you have to post a brief comment about the content of the video. By doing so we will know that you have watched the video. After you have watched the first module, you will proceed for second module and so on in a similar fashion.
After you have completed all the modules: You will appear for an online multiple choice question (MCQs) assessment. This assessment done at the end of the course will comprise multiple-choice questions that will test understanding, not memory.
Scoring system: 
The marks for the entire course is distributed as follows.
Multiple choice question: 100%
A student will be considered to have passed the module if he gets at least 60% marks. If somebody has scored less than 60%, he will be given a second chance. Of course that will be a different exam.
Once you have passed the exams, an e-certificate will be sent to you within one month by Bhakivedanta academy for culture and education (BACE, ISKCON Chowpatty).



For all correspondence / questions / suggestions regarding the course, please write to bhakticourses@gmail.com.