Bal Govind Das

Bal Govind Das

All the lectures on this course are given by His Grace Bal Govind das.

Bal Govind Das, is vice president of ISKCON’s Pune project and also the co-director of LOTUS VOICE. Lotus VOICE (Vedic Oasis for Inspiration, Culture & Education) is an educational forum of ISKCON specializing at training and education of children, teachers, corporate and businessmen community. Lotus VOICE is a forum dedicated to making leaders, teachers, parents into role models for their wards. It equips and engages them in providing quality inspiration, culture and education.

He is a certified Bhakti Shastri teacher, facilitator and conducts Teacher’s Training Courses. He also leads various programs in ISKCON.

Bal Govind Das received his B.E. Mech. from Pune University and joined Tata Technologies Ltd. as a Software engineer in engineering research center. There he was instrumental in designing and launching of TATA Safari, a multi utility vehicle.

Besides in Pune, he travels to prestigious institutes like IIT Kharagpur, NIT Warrangal, NIT Suratkal, RV College Bangalore and to many more schools and colleges all over India. Traveling all over India he guides many students and professionals to a scientific understanding and application of Vedic concepts in their lives.

In ISKCON pune his main services are centered around – teaching, counseling and management. He does these services towards all classes of audience – children, youth, corporates and congregation members of our community.

Bal Govind Das can be reached at and